When designing a business sign, it is important to take time deciding what style you want your sign to be, what information you want to include, and where you want to place it. We’re here with 5 mistakes to avoid when planning and designing your business sign.

  1. Attempting to be Understated or Elegant: While it is important to make sure that your business sign is not over-the-top, you want to make sure that it is not too understated. You want your business sign to stand out, so it is important to find the perfect balance of simplicity and uniqueness.
  2. Attempting to “Fit” or “Blend” into your Surroundings: While it is important to make sure your sign fits the area, you also want to make sure that it doesn’t blend in too much. It is important that your sign will stand out.
  3. Under-Spending: It is important to work with a sign company to find the perfect budget that will fulfill your financial and marketing needs as a business. Trying to cut-corners or under-spend when creating a unique business sign is not the best idea. Financially investing in a great business sign will greatly increase your company’s chances of seeing results. 
  4. Including Too Much Information: Most business signs will be viewed by driver’s who are passing by the sign, so it is important to only give passerby’s necessary information. Crowding your business sign with too much information may keep your viewers from reading the important information on your sign.
  5. Placing the Sign Too High: If your business is located in town, it is more effective to have your business sign placed low to the ground. The closer the sign is to street level, the more likely it is to be seen by drivers who tend to stay focused at windshield height. 

Carefully choosing your business sign style, design, and location are very important in increasing the effectiveness of your business sign. If you are in need of a professional business sign for your company, give us a call today!