At Hadley Sign Solutions our services don’t stop at custom signs.  In addition to custom signs we offer sign repair, parking lot lighting maintenance, design services, and more.

Sign RepairSign Repair

Please note: Due to the number of requests we can no longer accommodate smaller neon repair jobs such as beer and liquor signs.

Existing signs, just like vehicles, need care and maintenance.  We can clean the faces and/or replace bulbs and ballasts to help keep them looking new.  We also repair neon and LED signs as well.  We also provide a unique service that we like to call “night patrol”. During the night patrol we’ll go by a customer’s location after dark and take note of the signage or parking lot lighting that is out at each location and send the report to our customer(s) the following day. This service provides the peace of mind to our customers that someone is looking out for their image and helps to keep their signs and lighting looking great at night.

Parking Light Maintenance

Parking lot lighting provides security for your customers. Let us provide the service to get them operational again as well as any building security lighting.


Good custom signs start with a good design and we’ll work with you to design a sign that fits your needs. Don’t be boring, be unique! We can assist you in providing a design that is attractive and lets your customers know what services your business provides.


We also handle permitting with every sign that we sell. We work with local zoning agencies to make sure your sign is in compliance with local codes before we ever install your sign.

Installation, De-installations, and Surveys

If you have an existing sign that needs to be permanently removed or moved to a new location we can provide that service. We are also happy to do installations for other sign companies.  Contact us at (502) 419-7228 or email us at