parking lot lightingThe need for properly maintained parking lot lighting cannot be disputed. Places such as Kentucky government buildings, public schools, retail and grocery stores, and other places require that illumination be provided to assure the safety of both pedestrians and drivers.

Some parking lots are professionally designed in order to attract a person’s attention. This type of design would be located in places such as a company’s corporate headquarters where prospective clients, investors and visitors park. Places such as factories have lighting that is plain but also professionally installed to keep workers safe.

There are certain laws mandated by cities requiring that lot must have evenly placed 3-4 foot candles throughout the lot. Over time, these lamps can deteriorate and allow shadow spots to appear. When this happens, it causes a visual distortion for drivers as well as encouraging hiding places for vandals.

There is also what is known as ‘dark sky laws’. These laws are in effect in most major cities and mainly affect changes in the number of luminaires (light fittings), with a special design. This design confines the light specifically to the parking area and prevents it from spilling over into adjacent buildings or the street. In addition, it reduces the glare to drivers that was common in the old type of fittings.

If someone is injured in a parking lot and a factor is poor maintenance of lighting the business owner could be considered at fault. Therefore it is very important that parking lot lighting be kept in working order and that when lights burn out they are replaced in a timely manner.  No matter what kind of lighting you have in your parking lot Hadley Sign Solutions can maintain it and keep it functional for the safety of your customers and employees.

Hadley Sign Solutions headquartered in Louisville, KY offers complete parking lot maintenance and bulb replacement.