Replacement Sign Faces

Sign Face ReplacementDoes your business sign cabinet look worn and faded? Is your company changing its identity or maybe your sign needs updated information?  Regardless of the reason, one thing is likely true… you don’t want to replace the entire sign and that’s where we can help with quality replacement sign faces!

Hadley Sign Solutions manufactures custom replacement sign faces that you can insert into your current lighted sign cabinet which allows you to save money because you don’t have to purchase a completely new business sign.   We offer three different styles of sign face replacements:

  1. Completely Flat – The standard thicknesses of  replacement sign faces are 1/8” and  3/16″. A completely flat sign, as you can imagine, remains this thickness throughout the surface, with no raised elements to the design. This style is the least expensive.
  2. Pan Molded – This style describes a sign surface that extends out beyond its lighted cabinet. Some people say this style looks like the face is “bubbled out.”  Pans can be 1” to 2” deep.
  3. Pan and Embossed – This type of sign is similar to the Pan Molded style, as its face “bubbles out” but it takes you a step further by spicing up your custom signage with raised letters or debossed graphics.  When sign faces are pan formed they are much stronger than a flat face and less resistant to blow out of their cabinet in high winds.  These types of faces are highly recommended.

All faces that we sell can be either painted, vinyl, digitally printed vinyl graphics, or flat bed printed (this applies to flat faces only).

Let us come out and give you a free estimate on replacing your sign face.   You’ll be surprised at the cost savings and how well a new sign face can bring you into the 21st century with a fresh new look!