movingTemporary signage announcing an upcoming move notifies customers of what’s to come so that they will already be aware of the new location and won’t be under the impression that you are suddenly out of business. Also after  you move hopefully you will be permitted to hang a banner near the entrance of the old location for a period announcing, “We’ve moved!” and even listing the new location.

You will also want to consider whether to take your old business sign to your new location or invest in a new business sign.  Most of the time your business sign can be removed and rehung at your new location, but that isn’t always the case. Many locations have different business sign specs that have to be followed. For example, in one location you may be able to have a free standing illuminated sign, but if you are moving into a mall, you may need a dimensional letter sign.  If you do move your business sign, DO NOT try to move this yourself.  Get a professional sign company to move it for you. You don’t want to risk it being damaged in the process.

If you are going to get a new sign you will want to find out what types and sizes of signs you are permitted to have. A good sign company will assist you in finding out that information and making sure you have the proper permits required, if any.

Some other things you will want to do to make sure new and existing customers know about your move is make sure to update your online listings such as Google Places, Google+, social media accounts, and all the other online directories.  If you have email address or mailing addresses for existing customers you will also definitely want to do a mailing announcing the move.

Give customers a compelling reason to visit your new location with a well-publicized offer. A great way to publicize events and sales is through the use of LED Signage. If you can have LED Signage out front of your location, a move is a great time to invest in it!