LED signs are displays that use light-emitting diodes for outdoor or indoor custom business signs. They are most commonly used outside for store signs and sometimes for billboards. Fairly recently, LED text displays they have begun being used as destination signs for public transportation vehicles. These LED signs are a lot simpler than those of building signs as they tend to use one color and the characters are formed in a matrix.

There are two main kinds of LED sign: the conventional sign with surface mounted panels. A conventional outdoor and indoor sign is built around hidden LEDs, that are also known as individually mounted LED displays. These use a group of red, green, and blue diodes that are driven together to form a pixel that has many available colors.

The largest LED sign in the world is over 500 meters in length and is situated in the Chinese city of Suzhou. It completely covers the Yuanrong Times Square. The largest LED TV in the world is the Center Hung Video Display at the Texas Cowboys Stadium, which is 11,520 square feet in size.

At least 2,000 cdm2 is required for the majority of outdoor business signs, although higher-brightness LEDs of as much as 5,000 cdm2 are used to cope with direct sunlight on the screen.

Suitable locations for large display panels are determined by several factors including, line of sight, council or municipality planning requirements if the installation will be there for long periods of time, vehicle access, power cable runs, power, suitability of the surface for the positioning of the screen and overhead obstructions.

The majority of indoor LED signs are built using SMD technology, which is made up of RGB diodes mounted in a single pack. It is then connected to a computer that plays the graphics on the sign. Individual diodes are extremely small and are set very close together in order to obtain the maximum resolution for the display.

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