Customization or retro-fitting old signs is a way of making an old look new again.  Hadley Sign Solutions has the answer to this problem.

Why not look into retro-fitting your neon sign to give it a fresh look? Neon, was once used exclusively with channel letters, is now being removed from old channel letters and being replaced with LED lighting.  Why you ask?  LED is more cost efficient to run 24 hrs a day, if necessary, than neon.  Cost to run the sign is pennies compared to dollars.   The brightness of LEDs has greatly increased over the years compared to when they were first manufactured and marketed to the sign industry.   Power supplies used to power the LEDs are 90% smaller and lighter compared to the big bulky transformers used for neon.

So if you find yourself operating a sign that still has neon inside the channel letters and it’s too costly to continue to operate then let us at Hadley Sign Solutions quote you a retro-fit with LEDs and get that sign to the brightness it once was but operating at a much cheaper monthly cost.