Fall season has approached us which means there’s no better time than now to make sure your signage is clear and clean from all the fall debris. Running a business comes with a lot of responsibilities and sign maintenance is often overlooked. However, your sign is the first impression to customers and it’s important to take the time to maintain the look.

Here are common maintenance issues to consider to further help your business.

Improper Lighting
Customers need to be able to see your signage, therefore making it very important to have it properly lit and visible. I know you’ve seen signs that are suppose to spell ‘Open’, but the lighting has gone out making it ‘pen’ instead, don’t let that be you. Dim or partial lighting can leave a bad impression.

Fading/Peeling Pieces
AKA give your sign a makeover! If your sign is looking a bit dull you may need to add new vinyl for an update. Whether your sign is painted or has graphics it should be a simple fix. Don’t wait until your sign is falling apart, you may be paying more.

Outdated Information
Changing your business number, hours, website, etc. you should also have it changed on your sign; you do not want to frustrate customers with outdated information.

Rusted Hardware
To go along with fading and peeling pieces, be on the lookout for rusted pieces as well. A sign that is in good condition can help your business out tremendously, but a sign that is not appealing to the eye can in turn hurt your business.

Don’t let your sign go to waste because of improper sign maintenance.