Happy employees mean a happy work environment. Happy work environment means happy employees. These two things coincide, and if you’re a business owner you can help just by how your office looks with signage. When employees are happy, they perform at a higher level, are more efficient and show up more than those who are not. Not only does the appearance of your office have an effect on your employees, but clients and those who come into the office as well.

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The Huffington Post states that red is the most dynamic color by nature, and tends to be the most stimulating color. The reasoning behind it is it causes your body to pump out more adrenaline and speeds up your heart rate. Purple and yellow can also have a similar effect. Therefore, we suggest dimensional letters or wall graphics in colors mentioned above to energize those walking through the door.


Wall Inspiration
Wall graphics can allow you to show your employees just how much they’re appreciated, and who doesn’t want to feel appreciated. Wall inspiration can include quotes, or other types of “thank yous” you feel necessary.


26513aa44b970cd77d5ede9c3b55cfddCommunity Spaces
Community spaces are the spaces in which employees all gather together. Brain storming rooms, meeting room, entry waiting room, etc. are places to really focus on. These creative office signs allow for multi-media content, presentation collaboration and team-building games and challenges that can produce quality work while also building a cohesive office environment.

Your office should be a place of comfort and productivity for employees, not stress and frustration. It all starts by giving them a physical environment that encourages professionalism, creativity and collaboration with signs! Contact us at (502) 419-7228 to get started!