Basements are often a frequently used area of the home.  Many people use the basement for entertaining and basement bar areas are very popular, especially in walk out basements.  We can install custom neon lighting for basements. This concept can be used in the form of custom neon signs or more permanent neon lighting.

Residential neon lighting is great for:

  • game rooms
  • home theaters
  • garages
  • bars
  • hobby rooms
  • wall mount signs
  • table top displays
  • neon addresses
  • cove lighting

Neon lights are no more dangerous than any other lamp or appliance that uses electricity. As with all electrical devices, you need to use the proper precautions. You do not want to expose neon lighting to water or cover them so they do not get proper ventilation or use them near flammable materials. The glass tubes in a neon sign are not highly pressurized, and though the bulbs may be warm to the touch, they will not get hot enough to burn or catch anything on fire. However, there are exceptions to every rule. A faulty or poorly made neon sign can malfunction; however as a general rule, they are perfectly safe.

If you are in Louisville, KY or surrounding areas and are interested in installing neon lighting for your basement call Hadley Sign Solutions for some ideas on what we can do to make your basement an exciting place to entertain your family and guests.