Neon Signs Louisville, KY

Neon Signs in Louisville, KY

Neon’s history began in 1898 with William Ramsay and Morris Travers at University College London with the development of neon gas.  In 1923 Georges Claude introduced the first neon signs to the United States to a Packard car dealership. Since it’s discovery neon has been used extensively throughout the world and the U.S., allowing business owners to have a multitude of options for neon signs in advertising.  The Hadley family, over the years, has made using neon signage for advertising purposes a staple in the Louisville area for many local businesses.  It started with my grandfather in the 1940′s who was the first neon tube bender in our family and it has continued for three generations.  The Hadley name is synonymous with neon signs in the Louisville, southern Indiana, and surrounding areas. Hadley Sign Solutions intends to be a mainstay in Louisville for years to come.

Neon signs have that nostalgic look that takes you back to the days of old and can really give your business that attention that brings customers to your front door.  All of our neon signs are custom made to meet whatever your mind can dream up.  Neon lighting has a distinct and vibrant glow making them optimal for window signs or for use on the external of a building for accent lighting known as border tubing.  Over the years we have manufactured numerous signs for retail businesses and restaurants but neon can also be used in homes as well.  If you’re looking to highlight a drop ceiling in a bedroom or just make that kitchen standout consider using neon accent lighting.

In addition to custom neon signs, we also offer other types of business signs, such as dimensional lettersLED Signs, and custom awnings. If you dream it, we can make it!

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