8ad9f67d0cedc8540f540dd45a1176d6Recently our most recent blog talked about utilizing existing channel letters that have neon and retrofitting them with LEDs to make them look new again and much brighter and with a savings of almost 40% versus using neon.  Well there is now an LED manufacturer that has now come up with LED sticks that can be retrofitted into existing sign cabinets and studies show that it can save up to 60%.  The new product that allows you to do this is called Qwik Stik by Principal LED.  This product allows sign companies the opportunity to offer to their customers an option of removing old T12 fluorescent light bulbs and inserting the sticks into the same socket.  A new LED power supply is required and will run up to 20 ft but the product has a 5 year warranty on it’s product.  Wow! Electrical savings plus extending the life of your old sign to be able to use years down the road.

If you would like Hadley Sign Solutions to come out and take a look at how we can save you money without the headaches of having to replace bulbs every so often then give us a call at 502-419-7228 or email me at hadleysignsolutions@gmail.com so we can set up a time to meet and discuss how we can save you money and turn you sign into a GREEN sign!