Your brand is more than just a logo; it is the experience in which customers or clients will remember you and ultimately decide to do business with you. Your brand should represent everything you do, and should be effectively represented by the sign outside of your business.

In an article posted by Brandon Gaille- Marketing Expert & Blogmaster, 50% of people know about your business because of your on-premise sign. This means that the first impression these customers will receive is by your sign out front. Even though digital marketing may be on the rise, traditional signage will never lose its value.

Here are some facts found and commissioned by FedEx Office:

  • 76% of consumers said they entered a store or business based solely on its sign out front.
  • 75% of consumers said they told others about a store or business because of its signage.
  • 68% of consumers think the signage of a business reflects the quality of its products or service.
  • 67% of consumer said they bought a product or service because of the company’s sign.

Your sign is what’s representing your brand all hours of the day. It’s important to keep them updated and fresh. We here at Hadley Sign Solutions can help with any signage you need!