Parking Lot Lighting Louisville KYWinter is over and summer is almost upon us.  Businesses like home owners often use that time in between for some spring cleaning!  At home people are cleaning out closest and business are cleaning our winter inventory and making room for summer items. While you’re sprucing up your store for summer don’t forget about the exterior.  The exterior of your store is just as important as the interior.  The exterior is your first chance to make first impression.

First make sure your parking lot is in good condition.  If your parking lot has pot holes due to a particularly rough winter of plowing then you should look into getting those repaired.  You will also want to pay attention to the parking space lines to see if they are in need of new paint. If your business is open in the evening then you will want to check after dark to make sure the parking lot lighting doesn’t need maintenance.  If you have burnt out bulbs or if you have lighting that is not working Hadley Sign Solutions a call, we can help you with that!

Many sidewalks in front of businesses are discolored in the spring due to the use of salt in the winter, consider power washing the area.  Then you will want to wash any windows inside and out, particularly those in the front of the store.  If you hang temporary signs in your store make sure to remove old signs.  It’s May and I saw a sign in the front window of a store the other day promoting a Christmas Craft Bazaar.

Finally is your store signage. If your signs is dirty or not quite as bright as you remember it once being or fading we can help. At Hadley Sign Solutions we can clean the faces and/or replace bulbs and ballasts to help keep them looking new.  We also repair neon and LED signs as well.