Awnings offer many advantages to Lexington, KY business owners. These versatile units are usually crafted from canvas, vinyl, cotton or polyester, which is stretched tightly across rods made from wood, steel, iron or aluminum. Generally placed above doors and windows, they provide protection from the sun and rain. According to industry experts, the shade provided by these structures can decrease temperatures by approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Contemporary models are operated in one of two ways: manually or electrically. The manual models are affordable, easy to install, and can be readily adapted to patios. These units have support arms which enhance durability. The arms can be angled against a building for increased stability in windy weather, or positioned vertically to maximize the space beneath.

The motorized models have no support arms. Rather, they have retractable lateral arms, creating an obstruction-free shaded area. The motor is usually located within the roller bar assembly. The units may be opened and closed with wall switches or wireless remote controls.

Aluminum awnings are popular in small business around the Lexington, KY area. With lifespans of 40 years, these affordable, light-weight units are usually coated with baked-on enamel paint. By providing shade for a patio, they help protect outdoor furniture and window coverings.

After an awning is constructed, it is subject to a rating system. The calculations rank its wind-tolerance level based on its material, width, length and number of supporting arms. The most durable, advanced models are designed with wind sensors, urethane compression joints and steel support structures.

For east and west-facing windows and doors, awnings with built-in sides provide the best protection. While the units without sides offer less protection, they work very well for north and south-facing entrances and windows. In addition to homes and shops, these units are utilized in many high-profile locations, including the Kremlin and White House, as well as numerous high-end hotels and restaurants in Lexington, KY.