awningsMany Louisville, KY business owners have discovered the cosmetic and practical benefits of awnings. Business awnings are increasingly popular and can be made from cotton, canvas, polyester, which is then tightly stretched across support rods. The rods may be iron, wooden, aluminum or steel.  If you have people loading and loading from your doorway an awning is great for protection from rain and the sun. It is estimated that there is a 20-degree temperature drop in the shaded area of an awning.

Awnings can be retractable either electronically or manually, but most business awnings are stationary and don’t need to retract at all.  Awnings are very sturdy and are designed to withstand high winds and even light hail.

While awnings are typically found over entrance ways they can also be used to make windows of a business attractive. If you have a shop where people tend to window shop then an awning is a very inviting place for people to gather.

After an awning has been manufactured, it is subject to a rating system. The unit is assessed for wind-tolerance based upon the number of supporting arms, its width and length, and the materials it is constructed from. The most advanced models feature compression joints of urethane, wind sensors, and steel supports.

Elaborate business awnings which have sides attached are most effective when used at windows and doors which face east and west. The models which are side-less provide less protection, but function perfectly well over windows and entries which are oriented toward the north or south. These popular architectural elements are prominent features in high-profile locations, such as the White House and the Kremlin, as well as numerous top-rated hotels and restaurants.

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