There are many different types of customizable business signs from which to choose for your Owensboro, KY business. The many choices include bronze and brass, plated, stainless steel, LED illuminated signs, neon signs, channel letters, monument signs and many more options. Custom business signs may be developed for display outside or indoors.

The LED illuminated options can be crafted with whole-lit, double-side-lit, back-lit, and front-lit channels. The most popular models are those with front-lit channels. Illumination is directed throughout the front face, which effectively reveals the contours of the emblems and letters, even during night-time. The channels that are back-lit illuminate the background, setting off the foreground symbols and letters. The models which have double-sided-lit channels create overlapping, stunning effects. Whole-lit signage glows on the sides as well as the fronts.

Stainless steel options are durable and very popular. They resist corrosion, which makes them ideal for ocean-side and humid environments. They may be painted, brushed, or mirror-polished. Many manufacturers also craft painted stainless steel shells which can be enhanced by the illumination.

Various plated styles may be crafted from several different finishes. The options include mirror-polished rose-gold, titanium, and gold. Also, brushed rose-gold, titanium, and gold options are available. These models tend to be very costly, and are usually most effective for top-end businesses.

The brass models may be brushed or mirror-polished. These are extremely similar in appearance to the gold-plated models. However, brass, being an alloy of zinc and copper, requires continual maintenance in order to prevent rust from forming.

Bronze signage may also be brushed or mirror-polished. Bronze, an alloy of tin and copper, is more rust-resistant, stronger, and harder than brass. Bronze is notable for its warm, red natural hue.

The choices for business signs are numerous. They include affordable and basic models, as well as those that are expensive and elegant. With the availability of finishes, metals, and illumination, each custom business sign can be designed to be a recognizable, unique logo for a large or small organization.

Hadley Sign Solutions can design the perfect business sign for your Owensboro, KY company and to fit your budget. We are a full service sign company located in Louisville, KY and we service most of Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and North Central Tennessee.  We are fully licensed and insured for the protection of our customers and their businesses.