Are you ready to change the look of your outdated business sign? Is your business sign showing wear and tear? One of the most recognized parts of any business with a physical location is the business sign. It lets customers know where you are located and promotes your brand. The perfect sign should be legible, visible, and reflect the style of your business. Over time, designs can become outdated and the natural wear and tear of having a sign outdoors may have your sign looking less than perfect. If you are unsure if it is time for an update, here are some things to look for:

  • Aesthetic Updates: If your logo has changed or if you have re-branded, it is important to keep you business sign up to date as well. Styles change over time, and it can be beneficial to make sure that your business sign is appropriately updated. 
  • Wear and Tear: Outdoor elements can cause a sign to become faded, light bulbs in lit signs can go out, and pieces of your sign may be broken.
  • Local Permitting Changes: If changes have been made in your area addressing permitted signs, it may be time to check and see if your sign still meets the standards. 

If you’re ready to make an update, Hadley Sign Solutions will handle the permitting and start working with you to create the perfect, updated business sign. Some things you may want to consider when designing an updated sign include:

  • Your Logo: Has your logo changed? If you have changed the color of your logo or have re-branded completely, it is definitely time to update your business sign to match your new style.
  • Your Business Strategy: Have you made changes to the structure of your business? If your business is growing and changing, it is important to make sure that the physical aspects of your business change along with it. 
  • Location: Has your business moved? It may be time to consider a larger sign, a sign that illuminates, or a different style all together. Location can determine how well your business can be seen, which should be considered when designing a sign to go alongside your business.

If you are ready to update your business sign, we would love to work with you. Call Hadley Sign Solutions today to start working with our experienced team.