If you’re lucky enough to have a successful company for many years, there is a chance that your logo, branding, and signage have become outdated over the years. It may be time to refresh your brand or re-brand all together to make sure that your company has the best marketing and visual representation.

Refreshing your brand entails giving your logo and signage new energy, while keeping some of the basic aspects of your original branding. It can be a simple design update that brings your logo up to date without completely changing it. Keeping your basic style and changing things like color or font are great ways to refresh your brand while staying recognizable to existing customers and visitors. Refreshing it also a great way to keep the history of the company in tact while keeping in mind the visual aesthetics of the current day. 

Taco Bell is a company that changed it logo greatly to update its brand image. In addition, they updated the looks of their stores to match the new signage with the updated logo.

If your company is looking to overhaul its image and try something very different from its current style, re-branding will do just that. Think about your company culture and goals and base your branding around those features. Re-branding lets you evolve as a company and make needed changes. When thinking about your new brand image, be sure to think about the message you want to convey and be sure that it matches your values and personality as a company.

If you are looking to refresh or re-brand, give Hadley Sign Solutions a call today. We would love to work with you on your next signage and branding project.