An event provides your business with the opportunity to further promote your brand and mission or even the merchandise you’re selling. It also allows the use of effective signage to help endorse you whether that be with banners, posters, directional signage or more. Hadley Sign Solutions is your one stop shop to complete any event’s signage needs! Here are 5 tips to consider before deciding what is right for your event.

Big and Bold- You want your sign to stand out, so think big and bold. Catch the passerby’s attention fast which means big font and bold colors.

Concise- People will most likely be walking by while at the event, and long text will steer their attention away. Keep it short and sweet while also getting your point across. A maximum of 10 words is best advised.

Consistent- Be consistent with the theme of your event and theme of your brand. Same colors, add the logo, so on. This way readers will connect that sign to your business.  

Memorable- Along with being big, bold, concise and consistent, don’t stray away from the creativity. Use different shapes and sizes to attract the consumers eye.

Placement- Placement, placement, placement! Attendees will be looking for something to catch their attention and so the placement of your sign/signs could potentially bring them to you. Think about the flow of the event. More the merrier, right?!