A blank wall in your office or business is a great place to share your company logo, slogan, hours of operation, etc. Utilizing this blank space can help promote your brand image or provide customers with important information about your business. If you are thinking about adding a logo or signage to your office space or business, read on to learn about wall decals and vinyl lettering.

Wall decals are made from flexible vinyl material that your design is printed on. Wall decals can be printed in an unlimited number of colors and designs, which make it easy to create your perfect logo. Wall decals can be cut in a variety of shapes, however, individual letters can not be cut out. It is also important to note that wall decals cannot be opaque or clear, as the material itself is white. When it’s time to display your design, adhering your wall decal is very simple. Position your decal on the wall of your choosing, and peel away the backing while applying pressure to the decal. This simple process is sure to promote brand awareness around your office or store. 

Another way to add some individuality to your space is with vinyl lettering. Vinyl lettering is individually cut from a colored vinyl material. Unlike wall decals, the color of your design is not printed on to the material. Rolls of the material are made into different shades of solid colors. The individual lettering allows for customized placement of letters on a wall, however, due to the solid color materials, the letters are limited to a single color. Vinyl letters, similar to wall decals, have an easy installation once they are ready to be displayed. 

When deciding between the two, the most important things to remember are the few differences between the new types of signage. Wall decals provide you with unlimited access to colors and styles to make a unique sign or logo. Vinyl lettering allows you to print individual letters out, which are great for slogans, quotes, etc. Both of these types of wall decor are sure to make your business space unique to your brand and recognizable by your customers.